Commercial Agency

When undertaking a transaction such as a merger or acquisition of a business, the buying or selling of products and services, complete peace of mind is highly coveted, especially when transacting cross-border. This is where a commercial agent can help.

What are commercial agency services and how are they used?

Our commercial agency service introduces an independent third party – the commercial agent (the “Agent”) – to the transaction.  The Agent holds the asset(s) or funds and distributes them in accordance with the terms stipulated in the signed agreement.

Our commercial agency agreements between the parties undertaking a transaction helps to mitigate the financial risks and concerns as the money, securities, funds, and other assets can be held independently of the parties engaged in the transaction.  The funds are released in order to complete the transaction intended by the parties.

Commercial agency is commonplace among financial transactions taking place for:

  • Real estate – high-value rental, development, or repurchasing of property
  • Mergers and acquisitions and substantial share purchase
  • Procurement of high-value assets, such as aircraft’s or vessels
  • Valuable auctions items – online or physical
  • Intellectual property purchase – such as design, software, employment
  • Legal – judgments for disbursements, land claims
  • Project management
  • Charities

The importance of using a trusted agent

Sinclairhill is a long-established professional administration firm and is well-positioned to provide commercial agency services for UK transactions:


Sinclairhill has a robust and international corporate offering, based on many years of experience. Our corporate administration and structuring services are provided by a team of dedicated specialists who work with clients from a wide variety of companies and industries.


Trusted Reputation

We are trusted by many UHNW individuals, families, and multi nationals corporations to support their affairs

Business Stability

Our, stability, and reputation provide assurances to transacting parties and their legal advisers that the assets are being safeguarded to the highest standards.

Operational Capability

The jurisdictions in which Sinclairhill operates all have robust legal systems and high standards of regulation and supervision that offer yet further assurance.


There is a cost-benefit to using Sinclairhill, we are competitive with other third-party agents and we minimize your contracting costs.

Multi-Currency Accounts

Our multi-currency bank accounts are already setup which allows us to turn the service around quickly.

Our Agency Services

Sinclairhill Limited,  provides services, by acting as the independent third party in transactions.

Whether an escrow transaction is taking place in UAE, UK, or anywhere in the world, we can assist companies and individuals by acting as an agent in the context of commercial transactions, including transfers of securities, intellectual property, internet domains, and financing transactions, and provides highly customized services in the context of safe-keeping of assets or for business transactions requiring such a mechanism. These arrangements would typically arise in the context of share and asset transfers, finance deals, and investments.